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Pistachio Cacao Crunch

Pistachio Cacao Crunch

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Equally comfortable paired with a side of adventure or a side of relaxing, this protein packed bar steps up its nutrition game with added fibre and antioxidants, not to mention amazing flavors.  This must have bar may just become the new flavor fave to fuel your summer (don't worry, we won't tell Peanut Butter Coconut).

Shelf Life: 6 weeks in Fridge (12 weeks in Freezer)


1. What is the shelf life of your bars? 

Our bars last 6 weeks if kept in a fridge and if frozen will last for 12 weeks.

2. Do you ship to the US?

No, we do not currently ship to the US.

3. Do you have Gluten Free options?

Yes we do have Gluten Free available in Chocolate and Vanilla. Many of our other bars have Gluten Free options available.