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Questions to Ask Before You Start a Health & Wellness Program

Starting on the road to a healthier you requires dedication, time, resources, and a ton of willpower. But the decision to start and see yourself through can have profound positive effects on both your physical and mental wellbeing.

Keep in mind, the definition of “health and wellness” is different for everyone. For some, health means cutting out refined sugars for a more nutritious and well-rounded diet. For others, it means being at the gym at six a.m., five days a week. When it comes to your own personal health and wellness journey, ask yourself these questions to find the best health and wellness program for your own goals and lifestyle.

“Why Do I Want to Get Healthy?”

Being honest with yourself about why you want to begin a personal health and wellness plan will play an essential role throughout your journey. Take some time to sit down, think about, and record your goals, hopes, and desires. Your goal may be to have more energy throughout your day, or to be able to run a half marathon.

“What Are My Goals and Desires?”

Having a clear visualization and written representation of your goals – whether that’s a more muscular you, or a you with more energy – will help you get through those sugary cravings and tough workouts by knowing you’re working towards a better you. Manageable goals are the key to success in any health and wellness plan.

It’s important to be ambitious, but realistic, in the planning process. Plan to take small steps, and once you’ve succeeded in accomplishing your first goal, your desire to conquer the next one will be that much easier.

“How Much Time Can I Dedicate to a Health & Wellness Program?”

When you’re first developing your plans to start a health & wellness program, time may not be the first factor of success on your mind. But the amount of time out of your day a health and wellness plan takes up may by the difference between success and failure. Whether you’re designing your own plan, or utilizing one of the great online tools and plans available, be sure the time you allot per day is realistic for your lifestyle.

If you’re planning to meal prep, ensure that you can set aside a couple of hours per week dedicated to grocery shopping and meal preparation. If you want to work out twelve hours per week, make sure that you can realistically fit those hours into your schedule. If those twelve hours won’t fit, consider increasing the intensity of your workouts so that you can gain the same benefits, in a lesser amount of time.

“Which Kinds of Exercises Do I Enjoy?”

No matter your reasoning for wanting to begin a health and wellness journey, exercise is an essential facet of a both a healthy mind and body. But reaching your exercise goal for the week is considerably easier, and more enjoyable, if your exercise of choice is one that you truly look forward to doing.

If you love going for long strolls, try amping it up by power-walking. If you want an exercise that challenges both your endurance and strength, crossfit might be right up your alley. Find an exercise that you enjoy, and you’ll thrive on your health and wellness journey.

As your proceed, your health and wellness plan may transform over time, as you learn which habits  work best for you. By taking the time to consider what you desire from of your health and wellness plan, you’ll be able to find a program that will jump-start you on the road to success.