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Cheryl Zealand, Cranked EnergyWhy Cranked?

There are a lot of high-protein and energy options in the world today, so why did I start Cranked Energy?

It started out as a personal thing: I wanted wholesome, quality energy for myself and my family. The truth is that I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for. I wanted something that’s freshly made from quality ingredients and is full of energy and protein. I was also not willing to sacrifice taste—and neither were my kids!

From this personal need, I created Cranked Energy. These freshly made bars are high in protein, made from good ingredients, and come in a bunch of flavours. These flavours are my personal favourites because they motivate me and remind me why I’m doing this. These delicious bars are a reward for my hard work and effort.

Today, I’m grateful and proud to say that Cranked Energy Bars are sold at more than a dozen fitness and health food locations in Manitoba and Ontario. I’m about to open my own storefront, and we’ll have a full digital presence as well.

With support from people who wanted a better lifestyle—people exactly like you, Cranked Energy has grown so much in a short time, and it’s going to be even better before you know it.

Cranked Energy Bars

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1. What is the shelf life of your bars? 

Our bars last 6 weeks if kept in a fridge and if frozen will last for 12 weeks.

2. Do you ship to the US?

No, we do not currently ship to the US.

3. Do you have Gluten Free options?

Yes we do have Gluten Free available in Chocolate and Vanilla. Many of our other bars have Gluten Free options available.


I recently discovered Cranked Energy bars as a great way to keep my bloodsugar stable. Living with Type 1 diabetes, I've always struggled to maintain stability in the mornings and find a healthy breakfast option that doesn't make my bloodsugar rise and then crash. These bars are a game changer for me. With the right balance of carbs, fibre and protein for my body's needs, I've been able to keep my bloodsugar exactly where I want it - even when I'm active! It's been so freeing for me to be able to just focus on what I need to do on a busy morning without stressing about my bloodsugar on top of everything else. Plus I love that they're healthy real food and they taste great! I can't recommend them enough!